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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today in the News (27 May 09)

For a little something different, how about some more humerous looks at evolution? I think my daughter appreciates this article on why there are "mean girls" on an intellectual level, but let's face it, "Mean people suck!" It is at least reassuring that it's not some sort of targeted behaviour based on just the victim, but the perpetrator themselves as well.

This article was also particularly amusing! But, on behalf of all Chihuahua, I must say that the last sentence was particularly insulting to them.

I am sad to say that my google-fu skills are weak, and I couldn't find anything particularly relevant or new to post about today. I thought about posting a link to one of the anti-vax pro-disease sites, but spending just a few minutes on their sites frightened me. Not because of what they were saying, but the manner in which they presented their material. There are elements of the worst of conspiracy therorists, paranoid delusions, and total loss of touch with reality. Those sites don't need any traffic or exposure. As a matter of fact, instead, maybe a look inside their minds from a different perspective is called for. The mental gymanstics are all too common. Just look at the post by IVAN3MAN from a couple days ago.

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