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Friday, March 19, 2010


As I mentioned in an earlier post, Google decided not to support blogging via FTP, so I am forced to make some changes in the way that this blog is published. As such, over the next couple of weeks, this blog is going to show up as a frame inside this main window.

The Good: Hopefully I can even figure out a way to embed RSS feeds into this blog so that you all can come here for news on autism, vaccines, and evolution. And since there will be another domain associated with this site, I am hoping that it will increase traffic here.

The Bad: Sadly by doing this, it will remove the list of contributors and the direct link to archives. What I plan to do is make a link to the outside URL, and that way you can go see the full blog if you want to.

The Ugly: Yeah, this is a kluge. Frames are ugly, but my brother-in-law worked hard on the functionality of this page, and it's pretty slick on the menu system and all. This was the fastest solution that we could come up with that kept the main part of the web page intact.

Anyway, just an update to let you know what is coming down the pike as a change.

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