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Saturday, May 29, 2010

We all love Dr. nancy Snyderman

I didn't know about this post over at the JREF Forums for a while, but it recently got bumped up so I got a chance to read it.  Seems Dr. Snyderman has some great things to say, and some good ole fashioned smack down on idiots.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman is NBC's chief medical editor. This morning she did a profile of Dr. Paul Offit, author of the new book Autism's False Prophets.

The profile was pretty good, not great, it missed a few points. But check out what happened during the "outro" after the report. Dr. Snyderman had mentioned that she personally had been "physically ambushed" by anti-vaccine people, and then she totally got into Matt Lauer's face about referring to the vacccines/autism thing as "controversial."

It was a sight to behold:

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Its time for everyone to redirect the questions toward finding the cause of autism. It is NOT, however, vaccinations.

Matt Lauer: Controversial subject, Nancy.

Snyderman: NOT controversial subject!

Lauer: Well but controversial for parents who still believe.

Snyderman: It is not controversial, Matt! It's time for kids to get their vaccines.

Lauer: If it weren't controversial you wouldn't be ambushed.

Snyderman: No! It's not controversial. I really mean that. The science is the science. We are going to start to see outbreaks of polio and measles in this country if we don't start talking about the real problem. It's NOT controversial.

Lauer: We will talk about it more here, Nancy, thanks.

Snyderman: You bet, Matt.

Lauer: We're back right after this.
Kudos, Dr. Snyderman, kudos.

There is a complete video online as well.  The good part where she smacks down Lauer at the end starts around 5:00  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/27453507#27453507  (Flash & Javascript required, of course, as for most web videos.)

If you click on the title of this blog, then you can go to the thread where this discussion is going on at the JREF.  There are a few more posts about Dr. Snyderman as well as a few more NBC spots and the Nightline show.  There is also the cranks that still think that vaccines are poison and such.  Their posts are almost funny if it wasn't for the public danger they represent.


  1. I'm sorry to tell you that I had observed personally the change in my child hours after his immunizationwith MMR. He went from a happy normal babbling infant, to a silent autistic child. I WITNESSED IT, and my observations are not apocryphal, not open to misinterpretation, not valid because I am not a PHD/MD, or any other diminishment. IT HAPPENED.

  2. Sorry Anonymous, but I am going to bet you are wrong on many instances of your recollection. The human mind is a very easily fooled thing, and your beliefs are most likely totally skewed. I suggest you read up on basic physiology and psychology.


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