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Monday, June 07, 2010

Come on! Whay to be irresponsible W.H.O.

So I just came accross some reports about the W.H.O. supposedly being tied to companies that made money off the N1H1 vaccines...  I can barely contain my anger and frustration at reading this.  Not because it's particualrly surprising, or that it's an incredibly irresponsible thing to do.  But because it is just more ammo for the deluded liars who will point to this as some sort of vindicating fact that nothing about vaccines can be trusted.  They will totally ignore the FACT that ZERO cases of autism have been linked to vaccines.  Or that vaccines are STILL safer than the disease they protect against.

This is an ethical failing.  It is not in any way  a medical failing.  Science is still being vindicated day in and day out about the safety and efficiency of vaccines.  Sadly, beurocratic douchebags will do their best to besmirch that reputation, and lying, deceitful loonies will take advantage of it, and build giant 100 foot strawmen out of this.

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