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Friday, October 01, 2010

Vaccine Central: Vaccine Preventable Death – Joey Holt

Straight from Vaccine Central (and I bet Jenny McCarthy doesn't feel a bit of remorse):

Vaccine Preventable Death – Joey Holt

Age at death - 7 years
Cause of death – Complications from H1N1
Vaccination Status – Unvaccinated
What happened – In November 2009, Jessica Holt’s older son, Joey Holt, was sent home from school with a 103-degree fever. He complained of a stomach ache. Two days later, she took him to see a doctor, who sent them home with a prescription for antibiotics and a recommendation for fluids and rest.
That night, Joey kept vomiting. His skin was pale and felt like an ice cube, his mother said. She called 911. En route to the hospital, Holt watched as Joey’s heart rate dropped from 150 to 50 beats a minute.
He said, “I love you, Mama. Hold my hand.”
Then, “he was gone,” Holt said.
“If I had gotten my son Joey vaccinated, maybe he’d be here right now,” Holt said. “You don’t want to walk in my shoes. I live every day with that regret: Why didn’t I do it?”
My heart goes out to Jessica and her family; I am very sorry for your loss.
CNN Article
Facebook Cause Page
Daily Bulletin Obituary


  1. I too wonder if Jenny McCartney feels a bit of remorse. Jessica W Holt www.joeyholtfoundation.org

  2. Thank you for the link to http://www.joeyholtfoundation.org/ It's a good reminder.

    As someone said on my facebook page, I'm sure there is some remorse on Jenny's part, but only in so far as she feels vindication about her outrageous statements. Not really the remorse I or any parent would want, since she still has not acknowledged that her statements are false and dangerous....


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