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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vaccine Times: U.S. whooping cough update

U.S. whooping cough update

On December 7, 2010, in ALL POSTS, EPIDEMICS/OUTBREAKS, Pertussis, by Leart Shaka 
The whooping cough has not affected only California, although it is at its worst there, with over 7,000 cases and 10 infant deaths so far. The disease has also affected other states. Here are the latest numbers as reported by the CDC (which may be behind in gathering the information, given that it is only reporting 2,536 cases in California whereas the California Department of Public Health has reported 7,297, so if anything the CDC numbers may be understated):
  • California – 7,297 cases, 10 deaths all infants under 3 months (CDPH data not CDC #)
  • Texas – 2,322 cases
  • Ohio – 1,546 cases
  • Michigan – 1,269 cases
  • Pennsylvania – 755 cases
  • Illinois – 728
  • Minnesota  – 698 cases
  • Iowa – 510
  • NY (Upstate) – 507
Other states have reported less than 500 cases during the year, for a total CDC reported number of 17, 854. When taking into account the rougly 4,800 difference between the California numbers as reported by the CDC and by the CDPH, we’re looking at well over 22,500 total cases of whooping cough in the United Staes in 2010.


  1. That has to be WAY low; pertussis is practically endemic in parts of Colorado where the 'new age health nut' Moms are refusing vaccines for their kids.

  2. Well, the CDC stats seem to be behind by a factor of nearly 3. So if CO reported 440, then the real number is probably closer to 1,200. Which I bet is still low. I wonder how many of them actually report a case, unless the hapless infant dies.


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