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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vaccine Times: There is no antifreeze in vaccines

You really have to click over to the Vaccine Times to get the whole story.  I am just amazed that ANYONE would take medical advice from someone who has absolutely zero medical training, and is probably more mistaken about basic biology and chemistry than she actually knows about it.  This is really all about the "say a lie often enough, and someone will believe you."  Well, this whopper is not going to get by me, or anyone else that reads the Vaccine Times.  Again, Jenny McCarthy is responsible for people DYING, just because she's lying.

How many times have you heard Jenny McCarthy demand that antifreeze be removed from vaccines?  J.B. Handley boldly claims that the flu shot contains antifreeze. I mean who can disagree with that: antifreeze is something you pour inside your car, in a special container under the hood, you don’t inject that into babies. What monster ever decided that it was a good idea to add it to vaccines? Turns out, the monster does not exists, because there is no antifreeze in vaccines.

How do we know that there is no antifreeze in vaccines? Well, let’s see, first, there is no chemical element called “antifreeze” which you can identify in a vaccine; antifreeze is a combination of chemicals whose purpose is to reduce the freezing point of the cooling mixture, in you car for example, below the lowest temperatures the car is expected to encounter. The combination is not unique, for example there is Organic Acid Technology antifreeze, ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol antifreeze, antifreeze made for cars and trucks, as well as for portable plumbing systems, HVAC chillers and solar water heaters. That is why just one manufacturer lists 14 different antifreeze products on its website.

Besides these base elements, antifreeze contains various additives. Common additives include: sodium silicate, disodium phosphate, sodium molybdate, sodium borate, dextrin (hydroxyethyl starch), and a green dye, disodium fluorescein etc. There is no one element called antifreeze and all various kinds of antifreeze differ from each other due to the different combinations of base elements and the additives used.

As such, the first question to ask McCarthy and other “green-our-vaccines” proponents who still use the antifreeze line is: which antifreeze?

Moving on, according to Wikipedia, the most common ingredients in antifreeze are methanol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Are these compounds present in vaccines? Fortunately we can easily answer that question since we know what is in vaccines; you can search that list of excipients in vaccines for any word you like. Not only does the word “antifreeze” produce zero hits, but so do the words “methanol” and “glycol” (or any of the other names that are used to identify these compounds).

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  1. People mistrust GOV and BigPharm. This is recent but I use it as an example on comparing ingredients. BP/GOV panel compared Corexit to a Klondike bar, implying Corexit is safe to eat (same stabilizer only). The main ing of Corexit 9527A is 2-butoxyethanol and classified as poison, GOV allowed millions of gallons to be sprayed on the Gulf, and the gov tells us to eat the seafood and swim in the water (it is not safe!) People are very sick. The MSDS says "Environmental Precaution: Do not contaminate surface water". Drugs are approved by the FDA and removed after too many people die. So it is easy to see where mistrust comes from. Vaccines had a bad rep long before Jenny had her kid so it's unfair to blame to her. Many doctors and experts warn about the dangers of vaccines, mainly because of the pharmaceutical companies own studies (they exclude subjects with side effects). I am NOT against all vaccines but not all vaccines are the same or needed. The parent should decide how their child is treated, not GOV. Health decisions are a personal choice but most people believe the government has our best interest and give vaccines without question. It is clear to me they do NOT act with the best interest of people and pharmaceutical companies are not accepting responsibility for harm done.

    Gardasil and Hep B vaccines are very concerning to me and there is important information everyone should know (below). It is a parent’s job to protect the children and that includes vaccines. Babies have died from Hep B vaccine and even the Hep B Foundation says it is contracted from blood and infected bodily fluids (mother, sex or dirty needle). There is a simple test to determine of the mother has the illness but regardless, CDC recommends this vaccine for all infants within 12 HOURS of BIRTH! WHY?! It does not seem logical to give an hours-old infant a vaccine if the mother does not have the illness. I don’t think newborn babies partake in risky sex and drugs or get tattoos so the only risk is the risky vaccine. Gardasil has also caused deaths and it not proven to prevent cancer yet it will be mandatory (may soon be required for males also), see 'Gardasil: Still not tested or proven to prevent cancer. The side effects of Gardasil can be devastating (risking death for an unproven vaccine is hardly worth the risk). The US vaccine schedule should be scrutinized and so should the ingredients. Finland is a good example of a more flexible vaccination schedule which includes HepB vaccination at birth for “At Risk” Groups (half the number of vaccines in the first year).

    Autism is on the rise and something is causing it and the number of recommended vaccines has also risen so it is legitimate to look at vaccines as a cause. The drug companies push vaccines through the FDA with such a rush and they may err more on the side of caution if they were held accountable. Vaccines are serious cause for concern but the toxins in our air, food and water are dangerous for us all.

    I stick to facts and the truth can be shocking.
    How can we trust a government that tells us to eat poison? Sorry I can't post links for the articles below but easy to find. Thanks for posting this comment. SayNoToCorporateAmerica

    'Gardasil: Still not tested or proven to prevent cancer'

    Global Vaccine Institute on Hepatitis B Vaccine
    'Hepatitis B: A Special Thinktwice Powerpoint/Flash Presentation'; testimonials

    WHAT DOCTORS SAY at vaccinationcouncil.org:
    'A Few Things I Know'
    'Hepatitis B Vaccination For Your Baby’s Health'

    Hep B Foundation: “The virus is transmitted through blood and infected bodily fluids. This can occur through direct blood-to-blood contact, unprotected sex, use of unsterile needles, and from an infected woman to her newborn during the delivery process. The good news is that there is a simple blood test to find out if you have been infected.”


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