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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sorry About the Silence

Dear reader,

My apologies for the sudden silence and lack of posts.  Due to numerous unforseen circumstances, I have neglected to pass along news and updates.  I am just writing this entry to let you know that I shall endeavour to update this page with a few more entries and updates in the near future.  There has been quite a bit of news that needs to be covered, as well as some upcoming web page updates that I need to accomplish.  Please bear with me as I get these incorporated and taken care of.

Also, while Avicenna and I are the primary bloggers here, I am always looking for more people to help out.  There are many team members listed on this blog, however I have not heard much from them.  I am leaving them on the blog since I owe a certian amount of allegiance to them, but I am always looking for more people.  Please feel free to drop me a line at Larian@LarianLeQuella.com if you are interested in contributing.  Thank you.

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