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Monday, September 12, 2011

7.1 Percent Of Marin Parents Refuse To Inoculate Their Children

This will not turn out well for these residents in the long run.  Purell(R) has no effect on measles and pretty much all the rest of the diseases that vaccines actually provide real protection against.
When a Larkspur woman’s healthy two-year-old heads off to pre-school she’ll do so without any vaccinations, a decision that has been viewed as controversial by many parents and health officials.

“I decided that I did not want to vaccinate her,” Sondra Kleghorn said. “I believe that vaccinations can cause more harm than good.”

Kleghorn said she doesn't talk about her decision with many people because like religion and politics, it's personal and controversial.

Kleghorn is just one of many Marin residents who have said no to vaccines for their children.

According to the Marin County Health Department, two percent of parents in California opted out of having their children vaccinated.

It's sad to see this sort of ignorance endanger someone who is too young to defend themselves from the bad decisions of an adult that is frankly just plain wrong.  And because so many adults use Purell(R) incorrectly, in the end it will probably do more harm than good for their families...  The misguided in-expert opinions of the masses are not a rational approach to issues like these...

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