Facts, not Fantasy

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Actual News Story on Vaccines

Isn't it sad when a media outlet that most Americans would have a visceral revulsion to actually carries news that is much more factually correct, and doesn't give in to the false "both sides" fallacy when it comes to vaccines?  There is a reason that whenever the anit-vax pro-disease nutters have one of their "experts" on, they are generally either not an actual doctor, or they are discredited because of their non-reality based practices.

With apologies to Tim Minchin: You know what you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine!


  1. Good documentary.

    Speaking of fallacies, surely you jest that "most Americans" would be viscerally revolted by Al Jazeera?

    If that's true, you haven't a hope of getting any reality-based public health policy (or anything else).

  2. Sadly, in the United States, we have a media personification of anything associated with the Middle East, or muslims in general that are quite negative. Remember the kerfuffle about putting a "mosque" near ground zero in New York? I think the recent Discovery Channel show "Muslim in America" may help a little, but all in all, Americans seem to have an incredibly negative view of anything even remotely connected to muslims. It's a sad prejudice. The only group Americans hate more than muslims are atheists...


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