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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Vaccine Times: Whooping Cough outbreak sickens over 140 people in Canada

We all know that Canada is just one of those third world nations with no infrastructure and no access to any health care what so ever, right?  Right? Well, The Vaccine Times found this gem that I wanted to pass along.

A whooping cough outbreak in British Columbia, Canada has sickened more than 140 people since December, prompting Canadian Health authorities to issue a warning. Hotspots  include the Fraser Valley, Hope, Chilliwack and Agassiz areas. If you are traveling to the area make sure you have received your booster shot, and especially if traveling with children make sure they are up-to-date with their DTaP vaccine. Pertussis can be particularly dangerous if caught by a young child, especially a baby who hasn’t had a chance to be vaccinated yet.

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  1. It seems like there have been a lot of reported cases of Whooping Cough lately. I just read an article on CNN about it and listened to an audio file of a baby with whooping cough. Here it is http://whoopingcoughsound.net/ This really breaks my heart, everybody should vaccinate their kids so they don’t have to suffer from such a terrible disease!


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