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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Anti-Vaccine stance or a cost saving device?

I am deeply disappointed in you.

Children under five were not included in this year's flu vaccination programme because of medical and not cost grounds, the government says.

 The flu epidemic is particularly bad in children, and much as I loathe to say this. I am on the side of Labour with this one (I am a Lib Dem supporter for what it's worth. Sadly...). 

I am of the opinion that this is indeed a cost cutting measure that my government has sadly put together. The reduction in advertising for the vaccine seems to correlate with the additional influx of influenza sufferers. 

Not targetting children appears on paper to be a cost saving measure since children are (for want of a better description) little buggers who run around rubbing snot on each other for fun. I know I used to do that as a kid... The flu practically has ideal conditions for spread amongst children since they tend to sit around in large groups and wipe their noses on their sleeves (again... guilty!).

I wonder if someone will calculate the price of such a decision, however in the mean time the Anti Vaccine groups have leapt on this.

Vac Truth Article

- Avicenna


  1. Here in the United States, the preamble to our Constitution states "promote the general Welfare" "to ourselves and our Posterity" (amongst other things). I don't know the general sentiment in the UK, but I hope that the anti-vax pro-disease nutters never get past our preamble!

  2. The thing is in their opinion they are doing precisely that. The inability to understand immunity means that vaccines seem far deadlier than they need to be.

    These are people who think playing in dirt gives you a stronger immune system than having vaccines.


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