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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Vaccine Times: Formaldehyde fears without merit

Over at Vaccine Times they have a story about this particular chemical...  Over at the Facts, not Fantasy main page on vaccines, I have had these two bullets about formaldehyde up for years:
  • Vaccines contain formaldehyde. However, the chemical structure of the formaldehyde in vaccines is the same as that produced by our own bodies. It is used during the manufacturing process, but is diluted to remove it from the finished product, leaving only small or trace amounts. The total amount of formaldehyde in a finished product is far less than what is naturally found in the human body.
  • As an aside; the total amount of Formaldehyde in vaccines from the vaccine schedule for a 6 year old child is 1.2016mg, BUT 1 (one) banana contains 16.3mg! Understandably, the method of introduction is different, but it's still the same chemicals, and still introduced into the body where it can be absorbed.

I think that the main issue at hand is that anti-vax pro-disease nutters just don't know chemistry...

Just a quick blurb from the Vaccine Times page:
Vaccine critics often cite specific ingredients in the vaccines as their chief concern. As Leart pointed out in an article here several days ago, sometimes these alleged dangerous ingredients aren’t even really in the vaccines.
Of course, more often than not, vaccine critics manage to at least point to ingredients that actually are in the vaccines. One such “toxic” ingredient popularly cited as a reason vaccines aren’t safe is formaldehyde.


  1. People complain about the aluminum content in vaccines; kids are exposed to more aluminum daily from their mother's breastmilk (10X more) and 40X more if they're fed formula, yet vaccines are the root of all evil and autism...

  2. As a matter of fact Darwy, I mention that on the Facts, not Fantasy page too: After between 51 and 346 days of breast feeding, a child will have taken onboard the same amount of Aluminium as from the total US vaccine schedule for a 6 year old child.

  3. Not to mention how much food shows up in aluminium cans and can simply be consumed by drinking things like cans of cola or aluminium foil wrapped food.

    It's safety dissonance. People are scared of flying but routinely text while driving. To them the injection is deadlier than eating. Think of it as a reverse placebo effect.

  4. Maybe the difference is that it is injected into the tissues rather than just oral ingestion

  5. Not very happy with Brussels on the issues of Formaldehyde and the effects of this Poison.


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