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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Link

I received a very nice email today, and have added a new link to the links page.

At LessonCorner our goal is not only to create the best collection of worksheets and lesson plans on the web, but also to make it free. Our freemium business model allows all users to access many of the site's features. In addition, users can receive a free 1 year premium membership by sharing their lessons and worksheets with the community.
I encourage anyone who is an educator to give this site a look.  As we all know, many states are systematically limiting teacher's access to good material on teaching evolution.

Grades of 50 states and the District of Columbia evaluated on the inclusion of evolution in state science standards. The darker the state is shaded, the worse grade it received. Graphic courtesy of the National Center for Science Education.

Although, I must express my surprise at the grade Kansas got. Maybe because they have done so much dumbtardery in the past, they realize they are under scrutiny?

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