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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evilution I - The Dawkinator

All Power to the Hypno-Dawkins

Part one of today's posts consists of wailing on the Washington Post's very own Jordan Sekulow, Lawyer and someone who Just Does Not Get Atheism. Which is perfectly fine, not everyone gets it. It's a choice to not get it, just like it is a choice to correct his misconceptions with how atheism, evolution and the world works.

I do realise that none of the lovely people who agree with Jordan Sekulow will ever read this, the very nature of my work will cause them to close the tab or post irate complaints but a few may realise what nonsense and hate this man spreads.

 Put your opposable thumbs
in the air
And waggle them around like you
just don't care!
Richard Dawkins is a high priest worshipping at the feet of Charles Darwin.
Oh my no! Richard Dawkins is what we in the real world call a scientist.  A biologist to be precise, his training is to understand life in a scientific framework. The actual truth is he is part of an establishment that disproved the Darwinism concept of evolution explaining it through the molecular method of genetics and providing mechanisms and theories that explain how we evolved.

There is no worship, not even hero worship. I disagree with Dawkins and Darwin on many issues. Darwin's idea of biology is actually very mild compared to mine. The average high school student knows things that would boggle his mind. I roundly criticised Dawkins over his handling of the whole Rebecca - Elevator incident (I refuse to call it Elevatorgate! It's a stupid name!). In short, no atheist worships anything in the same way that you do, be it a god, Dawkins, Darwin or Satan or whatever.

“uneducated fools” who question the theory of evolution. He finds people like us, “in every country and every period of history,” and warns “we are not unknown in higher offices.” Dawkins and his contemporaries are trying to beat religion at what religion does best, conversion.
I have no knowledge about law. Its a big field that requires people to study for long periods to become a lawyer. I accept that, I however know my field requires a lot of study and science to understand that.

We aren't converting, I don't wish to convert you. I wish for science to be left the hell alone to be science without being tarnished under the auspices of applied theology. I wish for my kids (when and If I have them) to be educated properly without the bias of people who assume that "magic" is an appropriate answer to anything.

You see, we cannot convert you. It's impossible, we are arguing from an empirical standpoint and the religious person is arguing from the standpoint of unassailable faith. No, what we do is offer you an alternative. When you are lonely, when you have doubt and when you start thinking... That's where our work comes in. We don't want you to think like us. I would loathe it if someone said that they wished to think like me.

What we want is for you to think for yourself. To use your brain, to learn science and to realise the limitations of your own knowledge. I want you to admit that "You Don't Know" and to realise that not knowing isn't a position of weakness, making things up to explain the unknown is.

If you didn't get it, its a reference to
The Wizard of Oz

Option 1: There is no God; your life is relatively meaningless; pain and suffering is the norm; then you die (Dawkins). 
Option 2: God loves you; every single part of your life is meaningful; pain and suffering is temporary; there is a path to eternal life (Christianity and other faiths). 
It doesn’t take a degree from Oxford to figure out why “Option 2” is more appealing to mankind.
That's only because Option 1 is what we call a Straw Man. In fact this argument is so filled with straw that it's not only flammable but it's also brainless and the only thing that can grant it any hope of standing up is a wizard.

Option 1 should read as -

There is no God, pain and suffering do exist, but you don't ignore it. It is a part of life and it is because of many reasons. Some in our control some outside our control. But we have life, just one life. Each second is precious and each minute even more. Oh when you have years to live then those minutes don't mean anything. But ask a sprinter what a millisecond means? Ask a starving man what a day means? Ask a dying mother holding her baby what a single second means?

The time we have is far more precious than eternity simply because we don't have much of it. What we have is the ability to take responsibility for our actions and change the way our world works. It is we who are responsible for our world and it is we who are responsible for a lot of human suffering. And it is we who will stop suffering. Not God, Not Jesus, Not Ra, Not Odin, Quetzacoatl, Shiva or the umpteen millions of gods. It is just ordinary men who make the difference. The world was not built by heroes or by gods, it was built by nameless faceless men who did things.

The Smoking Mirror will stop suffering if you
get him a snackrifice!
We have one world, one life and we are our brother's keeper. We can chose to be greedy and selfish and live it for ourselves, or we can chose to make something of ourselves and we can chose to share our life with others. Friends, Family, Lovers, Parents or just some random stranger who we smile at to make them feel better. That is what life is about.

God's love? It doesn't exist, its human love that exists. We don't live forever, we die and that's that. Pain and Suffering is not temporary, it is for life. The people who say that pain and suffering are temporary tend to be the people who aren't in pain or are suffering. It isn't god who stops suffering, it is human beings and our compassion and our own humanity. You can thank god for it but it doesn't change the fact that it is man who does things to make the world a better place, not any God.

Would you rather be blind or would you rather see the truth and do something to change the world rather than pray until someone else does it? Would you rather live your life like each second is precious or think that eternal life is the only true goal? Isn't friends, family, lovers and children more valuable than mere heaven? If you classify the world through it's worst then you will never do anything. Why do anything because you may fail? Why love when you can suffer heartbreak? You do it because life is amazing when its good. You live for the good things.

There is no Kingdom of God, only a Republic of Man and you can either live or exist. The choice is yours. I chose to live.

A recent Gallup poll found that 92 percent of Americans believe in God. That’s right Mr. Dawkins, 92 percent of the citizens of the most powerful country in the world reject the atheism that lies at the heart of your Darwinian worldview.
That doesn't make them right. Roughly 4 billion people don't believe in Jesus, perhaps they are right? And evolution doesn't require your belief to work in the same way that Gravity doesn't require your faith to function. And atheism has nothing to do with evolution, biology has.

To make matters worse for Dawkins, only 39 percent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution (and that includes religious people who see no conflict with evolution - the kind that doesn’t require rejection of a creator - and their faith).
And this is a good thing? People are proud that roughly 60% of people believe in magic? It's not making matters worse for Dawkins, it is making it worse for your future and your children's future and America's future.

It's sad, it is a testament to the failure of your education system that 60% of people simply don't understand the very basis of biology which leaves them open to all sorts of nonsense, be it religion or pseudo-science. It's like admitting that 60% of your nation believe that the earth is the centre of the universe or that disease is spread by bad air. It would be a joke if it weren't so serious.

That short diatribe by an elitist Brit underscores the importance of America’s victory in the Revolutionary War. Although Dawkins despises 76 percent of Americans because they are Christians, he shares King George III’s disdain for the ordinary citizen, and declares that, “there is surely something wrong with a system of choosing a leader when,” the “uneducated fools” choose an “uneducated ignoramus” as their Commander in Chief.
The UK is a democracy. I don't think people realise it but the queen doesn't do any actual ruling. Bush is NOT an ordinary citizen, he is a scion of a rich and powerful family, a family so rich and powerful that he got into an Ivy league college despite being an uneducated ignoramus. He isn't the everyman he is everything wrong in the USA. Stupid and Rich and Privileged, he was so out of touch with the common man and so incompetent he was a puppet for his "friends" who used him to make a quick buck at the "average american's expense".

And do you really think you should be proud of your leaders when they are uneducated? Corrupt? Religiously bigoted?

The simplicity of (the Bible), then, is a virtue for three reasons. First, and most important, it is the signature of its immense power as a theory, when compared with the mass of disparate facts that it explains - everything about life including our own existence. Second, it makes it easy for children to understand (in addition to the obvious virtue of being true!), which means that it could be taught in the early years of school. And finally, it makes it extremely beautiful, one of the most beautiful ideas anyone ever had as well as arguably the most powerful. To die in ignorance of its elegance, and power to explain our own existence, is a tragic loss, comparable to dying without ever having experienced great music, great literature, or a beautiful sunset. 
This doesn't even make sense. It has no power as a theory, a theory is verifiable and God by his very nature is magic and therefore not Testable and not repeatable. It doesn't explain anything, its basically a big cup of "shut the hell up". It isn't true, not if you seriously and honestly suggest that the Egyptians managed to build a civilisation that build pyramids and had a million man city before the invention of basic law and we all originate from Crazy Incest courtesy of Noah's family and some serious wall to wall fucking and somehow we had modern death rates back then which is just so much magical bullshit that is unprovable mainly because its not true.

It is not a beautiful and elegant idea, an elegant idea is one that is simple and explains how things work without requiring people to make things up all over the place. It's simple "there is a mechanism in genetics that causes variations and these variations and allele drifts cause the formation of new species". There are mountains of proof for this, there is none for the bible that cannot be dissected under the the most cursory of glances.

It is a book and allegory at that, it is meant to teach and guide you by example rather than by canon. If you live your life by fiction then you are no different from the Taliban who do so too. Jordan Sekulow and people like him are parasites, who happily utilise the fruits of evolutionary research and science while encouraging their own luddite world view. And it's a crying shame, the death of America is not at the hands of liberals or communists but will be at the hands of the people who don't know the difference between reality and fiction.


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