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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They are at it again!

Ah the usual quacks at Natural News are upto their old denials again.

See the problem is Natural News is a relatively large site so it gets hits quite easily from scared parents who want to find out more about this whole "vaccine bruhaha" so they find the site and quickly are scared into not vaccinating their child.

People assume that their child is ill because of the vaccine assuming that children before vaccination were healthy and hale, not prone to dying from disease. They think Tom Sayer was the norm, not Tiny Tim.

Big Pharma, the CDC and other public health organizations tell the mainstream media (MSM) what to report about outbreaks and epidemics. So you may have the impression that recent measles outbreaks are occurring because of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination refusals.

According to official public health documents kept from public attention, the opposite is true. Many stricken with measles have had the full array of three MMR vaccinations.

Really? Where does it say that? I seem to have missed out on the whole MMR vaccination doesn't work. Apparently our immune systems don't function when it comes down to Measles, Mumps and Rubella antigens unless we actually contract the disease. Apparently it will work with polio, smallpox and other diseases but not these three. And naturally P. F Louis here has proof?


Wrong! Unfortunately he doesn't once give any actual proof. In his information the one sole piece of actual scientific stats is regarding the single Measles killed vaccine, not the MMR vaccine. The entire source material list reads like a who's who of quackery including a link back to themselves. Their actual statement includes the "because I say it's so!" argument.

If you're old enough, you may remember that measles and mumps were common childhood diseases that came and went. The incidence of death or permanent damage was very small. Once you recovered from measles, you were immunized for life.
Prior to the invention of the measles vaccine the USA had roughly an average of 500,000 cases of measles a year. In that a small handful of cases ended up dying. It wasn't that bad a disease mainly because the USA had good healthcare available to ensure your child didn't die.

But that's the thing, the disease is dire enough to require special medical attention and medical attention costs money.

Not to mention it doesn't mention the permanent side effects of measles. Mental Retardation and Death. You see a small proportion of measles cases end up in something called Measles Encephalitis which results in you having a good chance becoming mentally retarded or dying as the disease infects your brain. There are no drugs that can reach it and we cannot give the anti-fever medication to children as that is toxic too (Asprin is poisonous to children).

In the USA the mortality rate for measles is 0.3% (remember you are paying for people to treat your child). Out of a 1000 measles cases 3 will die. In a poorer nation the mortality rate is often as high as 28%. AKA out of a 1000 cases 280 will die.

Not so mild now is it?

The rate of measles outbreaks began declining during the 1970s. This may be attributed to increased immunity by those who had measles and recovered, or a decline in the virulence of measles.
But of course, the medical establishment wants you to believe all infectious disease declines are from vaccines. The opposite is usually factual. It has been documented and graphed that measles had diminished greatly before vaccinations were administered.

1.2 million people is the population of Dallas
How interesting? In both cases the rate of infection goes down after the vaccine is introduced. The USA had a mass vaccination program that causes a massive drop in infection so much so that in 20 years after the vaccination program started an estimated 52 million cases were prevented, the rate of mental retardation dropped by nearly 17,400 and 5,200 deaths were prevented.

In 1999 this was applied to the world stage, and between 1999 to 2004 aggressive vaccination has lead to a worldwide drop in mortality to the estimated tune of 1.2 MILLION people.

Apparently we simply keep getting lucky with all those vaccines releasing them just as diseases get incredibly polite and stop killing us. To the anti-vaccine crowd the drop in mortality isn't due to improvements in healthcare but the loss of virulence. To them the drop in incidence post vaccination is merely coincidental.

A simple test is this, I have taken the MMR vaccine. I have worked in an infectious disease ward with measles sufferers before. Measles has a 90% transmission rate and I didn't catch it. Neither did any other student in there with me. IF the MMR vaccine was not taken then 9/10 of us would be ill.

The three in one MMR shot was developed during that decade for convenience. Prior to that, there was one vaccination for every disease. But the three in one MMR is inoculated on three separate occasions within a few months, usually before 15 months of age. Preteens and teenagers are often subjected to this risky business as well if they missed the early schedule.
Actually the MMR vaccine is shown to have superior efficiency. During the period of 1992-97, the UK had no cases of Measles, Mumps or Rubella deaths. Japan on the other hand used individual vaccines and had 72 deaths before they swapped to the superior vaccine. The reason is that the MMR has better coverage.

It's not risky business, less than 0.4% suffer from fever and a rash after the vaccine but atleast they aren't likely to have their brain fried by a disease that is preventable.

There have been many, and the various public health organizations, including the CDC, are well aware of them. Yet, pediatricians convince and school boards coerce parents into making sure their children get three MMR vaccinations in short succession. Obviously, not enough know of measles breakouts among the vaccinated.

Medical authorities eager to vaccinate maintain it takes a population vaccination rate of 90% to ensure an "immunized" disease will not break out within that community. This high percentage was contrived as necessary for "herd immunity," which would prevent any outbreak from occurring.

That has been proven false. Basic logic begs the question: Why do so many have to be vaccinated if those who are vaccinated are immune? Could it be that the vaccinated are not really immune. One thing is for certain, vaccinating 90% of all populations creates more revenue.
Every link provided to back this up mentions the single dose KILLED vaccine being used rather than the live (attenuated vaccine). An attenuated virus is superior because it causes a mild infection (hence the 0.4% immune reaction rate) where the body responds properly and has a stronger antigenic quality than a bunch of non infective particles. It's like learning to fight versus a sparring partner rather than a dummy. The dummy is good but a sparring partner is better.

Vaccination does not make doctors money. Do you know what makes doctors money? Charging you for life saving medication and treatment when your child has measles. The cost of a single course (all three doses) of MMR is $8 (let's thrown in paraphenilia costs shall we?). The cost of medical care for a single measles sufferer is around $40 for antibiotics (that prevent that 28% mortality rate), $5 for acetomenophen, And goddamn $100 from your physician. And this is without the instances of mental retardation which will FOREVER be a drain on you. To the tune of a lot higher than $8 a day.

Take a hint, $8 for the entire course is NOTHING compared to the tragedy of seeing someone succumb to something preventable. 

However if we are discussing cold hard money then the skinny is this. Do you think $8 is expensive when compared to how much money you will lose if your kid contracts measles? Your child has to stay off school and requires you at the very least to stay at home. There will be a loss of earnings and an overall economic loss of productivity losing more than $8 in an HOUR let alone a day. 

It's just an appalling thing to do. It's a bunch of people with no medical qualification, sprouting nonsense on how amazing it was when we suffered from measles completely forgetting that people still do suffer from measles and people still die distressingly easily from it.

It is a movement of privilege which fails to see the medical effort that goes into ensuring people do not die from measles and assuming that there is none.

There is no big medical conspiracy to take your money, because you know what? Every doctor worth his initials will swear this upon his degree, his stethoscope and his white coat that Medicine is the only field in the world that actively seeks to destroy it's livelihood. That we don't like people getting sick.

Ultimately it boils down to this. There are people with no idea about medicine giving medical advice and there are scared people out there who listen to them. Any failings they have aren't due to their incompetence or lack of knowledge but due to the supposed machinations of doctors and the supposed all powerful medical establishment that does things for no adequately sensible reason. It's just that ludicrous a concept that the people at Natural News bandy around. 

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