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Monday, August 15, 2011

Meningitis Angels

I was on a business trip to Texas, and I heard about this on the radio as I was driving to a meeting.  Apparently it is a Texas Law that all incoming college freshmen be immunized against meningitis.  They also encourage kids entering Jr. High or High School to get the shots as well.  Generally I make a lot of fun of Texas for their otherwise positively bronze age outlook on things, but in this case I support them.  An organization that is very active in Texas is Meningitis Angels.  Give their website a look and of course support their efforts as best as you can.

P.S.  It being Texas and all, I realize this group probably has very strong religious overtones.  However, I cannot find fault in what they do, since their actions are to prevent disease with evidenced based medicine.  That is why I encourage you support them.

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  1. Larian,
    Once again you confirm that the facts are what is important! I applaud your 'holding your nose' and supporting a group for their actions rather than dismissing them for their philosophy!



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