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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today in the News (10 Jun 09)

Okay, this is not strictly a vaccine related story, but it relates in that many people who deny vaccines turn to "alternative" methods. Well, that's about as effective as doing nothing! I was particularly amused by Dr. Plait's write up on it.

Since I am on the vein of being amused, how about a vaccine for "Montezuma's Revenge"? Okay, not exactly that, but you get the idea. Maybe it's just a story that appeals to my juvenile side. Although, all in all this probably is more a convenience vaccine that something that is as lifesaving as the vaccines we here at Facts, not Fantasy encourage.

Surprisingly, today I was able to find numerous stories that are not about the swine flu pandemic, so here are a couple more quick blurbs for you to check out:
- Possible Type I Diabetes vaccine shows promise.
- This is a pay site (New England Journal of Medicine after all): Discussions on the Vaccine Injury Court Cases.
- Having taken the Anthrax vaccine, I am encouraged to hear that the series may be reduced in number.
- And yet ANOTHER entry in the vaccines STILL DON'T cause autism flood. With this interesting follow up blog.

While not strictly evolution, this is an interesting article on the field of abiogenesis. While the article speaks to many of the commercial applications, you really need to key in on the part that talks about self replicating molecules. That's the start of it all ladies and gentlemen.

Cancer may be related to our higher cognitive evolution according to this mainstream media article. I think the most surprising thing really is that this article was in the mainstream media! Although it isn't nearly as in depth as I would like, it's still a good start. Besides, there is a nice link to an interactive guide on some sure signs of evolution.

So I reported on this study on the last post. Amusingly the age of autism loons have picked up on the phrase that "nothing is off the table" which includes vaccines. So what will they say when this one also shows no link between autism and vaccines? I think these people have the same thinking disorder that creationists have.

In general, people who aren't trained to observe like a scientist are very bad at it. But with the proper training and knowledge what to look for, they can help with subjects they know intimately. Such as parents helping in the detection of autism early in childhood. Of course, the thing that needs to be prevented is parents projecting something on a child because of a sort of M√ľnchhausen by proxy phenomenon that seems to be prevalent in the "My child is special" crowd.

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