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Monday, June 15, 2009

Today in the News (15 Jun 09), Part 2

Since IVAN3MAN took care of evolution news today, I'll just post a couple quick other stories. I also wanted to let you all know that I had a successful interview with the UBC Freethinkers. The podcast will be broadcast in about three weeks, and I'll be sure to let you all know.

So in general news (on vaccines and autism):
A mother vaccinates one son, and doesn't vaccinate the other, yet they both turn out to have autism (Sorry, the original story disappeared after I posted it, so we have this version instead, the gist is the same). HOW CAN THAT BE!? Perhaps vaccines have nothing to do with it, and there are other factors at work? Just because someone has taken the whole idea of a cause for autism hostage doesn't make them any more correct. If anything, the anti-vax pro-disease crowd has set back reliable and fruitful research by insisting that their anecdotes have some validity. The research community ends up fending off these red herrings instead of going after fruitful research. So not only are they a public health hazard, but they are inhibiting research on the very thing they are the most upset about. Is your irony meter pegged?

An interesting blog post from an MD asking the "fake autism experts to put up, or shut up". Imagine that, the anti-vax pro-disease movement is just making things up on the fly, and out and out lying. Nice "Spinal Tap" reference in the article too. ;)

I also enjoyed this article about the vast differences in the ways that the human brain processes information. It gives insight into some more relaible ways to communicate and socialize people with autism spectrum disorders. Item #6 is the one specific to autism, but I wonder how many of these other insights may help?

This article discusses some miRNA therapies that can help with cancer, schitzophrenia, autism, and perhaps other disorders. The key takeaway here is that again this is pointing to a genetic link.

Oh, I just saw this short bit. Look at exactly what the last line says. Rather telling I think if you compare it to actions of others capitalising on this fake controversey.

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