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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today in the News (11 Jun 09)

First of all, had a little glitch the past couple of days, but I think I fixed it. If you happen to notice that something is amiss, please email an admin, and hopefully they can take care of it.

The TimeTree is a wonderful graphical representation of evolution, so please go here and get this book! As a matter of fact, get multiple copies and donate it to schools and libraries!

I also found this "Toolbox for reaching creationists" on a squiddy site. In many cases, I have found it difficult to reach them considering the entrenched denial inherent in their position, but just maybe it will work.

And this article highlighting that evolution can happen in relatively short time-frames will probably only serve to confuse the uneducated, but it is still cool.

Well, the WHO did me no favours in my ability to find out anything about vaccines outside of the H1N1 arena. I was amused by the fact that respectable journals are now referring to it by H1N1 as opposed to "Swine Flu" since it IS so easy to confuse the public and the swine flu name generates a lot of hysteria and unfounded fears...

But in the "We told you so" department, more measels in Wales... The article even states, "Some of those affected have been so ill that they have been admitted to intensive care units." It's just a matter of time before we start seeing deaths from a perfectly preventable disease. I'm sure that will make the anti-vax pro-disease movement just joyful, won't it?

Again, another "vaccine" for a disease that seems to be more a "condition". This time for Coeliac disease! I suppose this will work on the same mechanism that the Type I diabetes vaccine would work on.

The lengths some parents will go to, and the unethical bilking of money that some people will perpetrate are just amazing. Hyperbaric chambers are NOT a cure to autism! I sincerely hope that someone puts a stop to this nonsense before another innocent victim is added to the What's the Harm website...

Keep in mind there are treatments that do work, but they are lenthy and involve a great deal of effort. They are more behavioral therapies really. The earlier you start though, the more effective they are. ZThat's why I have also been posting a lot of the articles involving earlier detection.

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