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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Astronomy: Some Vax Facts

I'd like to thank Dr. Plait for pointing me to another site that is endeavouring to quell all the bad information out there.  Dr. Plait specifically points out their fact or fiction page, which should sound very familiar.  I will be adding Immunize for Good on the links page as soon as I can!  This is exactly what Dr. Plait has to say.  You will have to go to his actual site though to read some of the brilliant comments though (and some which air the same confusion I feel as to why people actually listen to the likes of Jenny McCarthy...).


Just a quickie:

1) Today is the birthday of actress Amanda Peet, who is a pro-health hero of mine. Here’s why:

2) Jenny McCarthy is still spouting dangerous nonsense about vaccinations, autism, and health, this time on that notorious font of anti-reality, The Huffington Post. Orac takes her down as does Mike on his weekly Skeptical Rant.

3) I’m very pleased that the website Immunize for Good is now live! This site, put together by my good friends at the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition, is one-stop shopping for reliable, accurate information about vaccinations. Why should you vaccinate your kids (and keep up your boosters)? What do parents say? What are the facts? Immunize for Good is the link that should be at the tip of your clipboard when anyone asks these questions. Got friends, family, acquaintances who are new parents. Send them to Immunize for Good. Please. Especially point out the Fact or Fiction section. Just doing that can save lives.

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