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Monday, January 31, 2011

Vaccine Times: Mom: I know for a fact that my son's autism was not caused by vaccines

Vaccine Times has a great bit of "data" (I'm sorry, an anecdote). While rational people know that the plural of anecdote is not data, it is refreshing that there are anecdotes of people who actually do listen to the real data that is available.  I know, it's sort of convoluted, but Jenny McCarthy and her ilk of pro-disease nutters need to have a counter not only in scientific literature, but also as a popular movement.  Please spread the word.

Jenny McCarthy is always talking about all the parents that know vaccines caused their children’s autism. She said on Larry King Live that parent’s anecdotes are scientific evidence. Well, Jenny allow me to present you with some more “scientific evidence”. Yes, there are parents of autistic children who have lifted themselves above the “must blame something/someone” phase, have educated themselves and have accepted the fact that we don’t yet know what causes autism. There are many more parents like the one below who do not think vaccines had anything to do with their children’s autism, but the incentive to speak out is obviously lower for them than the ones who are very angry because they believe their children are victims of vaccines.

We thank this mother for making this video and sharing it with the world: we need such parents to show that, unlike in the scientific arena, in the public arena there are indeed two sides of the story and not all parents of autistic children blame life-saving vaccines.

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