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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vaccine Times: Vaccine Preventable Death - Lana Ameen

These stories always make me tear up.  This suffering and death could easily have been prevented.  This small child should be on a playground, going to school, and growing up.  Instead she's worm food...  There is no greater tragedy.  My heart goes out to the family.

Lana Ameen, the three-year-old girl who died from swine flu in a Liverpool hospital. Photograph: Handout/PA

Age at death– 3 years
Cause of death-H1N1 (Swine flu)
Vaccination status – Unvaccinated
Synopsis – Lana developed symptoms over Christmas and was gone within 48 hours. She had not been vaccinated for swine flu. Her story can be read at The Guardian. Here are some excerpts:
She developed what appeared to be a cold on Christmas Eve and was prescribed cough medicine, but woke screaming in the night with a high temperature. Her parents took her to hospital, where she was diagnosed with an infection.
Doctors brought her temperature down and sent her home. On Christmas Day she appeared better, managing to open her presents and eat some dinner, the Ameens said, but later began having fits and was taken back to Stepping Hill hospital, Stockport, in an ambulance.
Over the next three hours, she was revived three times, her parents said, before being moved to a special care unit at Alder Hey hospital, Liverpool where, on Boxing Day, doctors told the couple she was brain dead and switched off her life support machine. Tests showed she died of swine flu.
In the video below, Lana’s mom implores the government to make vaccine available to all, and asks all parents to vaccinate their kids even if they have to pay for it themselves. Heartbreaking, our hearts and thoughts go out to Lana’s parents and the rest of her family. We are very sorry for your tragic loss.

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