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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ALERT: Demand That CBS Not Air Outdoor Anti-Vaccine Ad!

American media will let any idiot get on TV or in the public eye it seems.  Even those who advocate actions that are a clear hazard to public health and people's lives...  The Skeptical Teacher has found out about an advert that will advocate an anti-vax pro-disease message couched in "let's all be informed" language (much like evolution deniers couch their language in teach the controversy).  That is to say, they are spreading lies and misinformation.
Okay folks, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get skeptically active.  I have found out that CBS plans to air an anti-vaccination ad on the Jumbotron at 42nd Street in New York’s Times Square starting on April 28th.  The sponsoring organizations are the notoriously anti-vaccinationist Mercola and National Vaccine Information Center. These are a couple of the biggest groups out there promoting the falsehood that, among other things, vaccines cause autism (they don’t, btw).  And while their ad gives the impression that they want to simply inform people about their “vaccine choices”, what they are really about is spreading flagrantly non-scientific, incorrect, and fear-mongering bilge about vaccines.  If you’d like to see some accurate info on vaccines, check out this link to the Hug Me, I’m Vaccinated website.

Folks, we have to do something to stop this.  Why?  Simple: because vaccines save lives.  Period.

Also please sign this petition at Change.org. There are additional ideas in the article for communicating your thoughts to CBS as well.

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