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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vaccine Times: Measles outbreaks traced back to unvaccinated individuals

When I was a student at RPI, we would often go to hockey games, and when our team scored on a power play, we would taunt the guy in the penalty box by yelling, "It's all your fault!" several times over.  (This was back in the day when RPI won most of their hockey games.)  Well, in the anti-vax pro-disease movement, when we see an outbreak of vaccine preventable diseases, we can point at those nutters and tell them it's all their fault.  Unlike the poor guy in the penalty box, I rarely see ever an inkling of remorse from these public dangers...  Vaccine Times has a great write up:
Anti-vaccine proponents always try to make the vaccine talk into a “parent’s rights” discussion. It should be up to the parent to decide if their child should get vaccinated, no one else, period, they say. Besides the obvious reply, that children are not property and while parents have some rights, at some point the parent’s right to be wrong ends, and the child’s right to a life as free from pain, suffering and death begins, there is another reply to that line of reasoning: vaccinating or not, is not solely an individual choice. It affects others. You may choose to take the risk of getting the disease for yourself, that is clearly your personal choice (assuming you’re an adult of sane mind as is required for most other decisions), but where does your right to get sick end, and other’s right not to be infected by you begin? People who choose not to vaccinate are not solely making a decision for themselves, they are making it for others as well. And those parents who decide not to vaccinate their kids aren’t making a decision for their kids only, they’re making it for other children too, children who maybe cannot get vaccinated for health reasons, and as such rely on those around them to protect them from life-threatening diseases.

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