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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Vaccine Times: How we know anti-vaxers don't care about science

The fact that the anti-vax pro-disease liars and nutters regularly disregard science should come as no surprise to anyone.  And the goalpost moving and outright lies they will use to obfuscate the issue are legendary.  If Jon Stewart from the Daily Show tracked these people, he'd have more fun that the double-speak out of Fox News.

How we know anti-vaxers don't care about science

We in the pro-health community hold this truth to be self-evident: anti-vaxers know vaccines are evil and no evidence will persuade them otherwise, because they rarely, if ever, care about the science. As evident as that is to us however, we are aware that it is mostly an impression that we get based on the anti-vaxers’ way of debating the issue, things like: how low they set the bar for themselves and how astronomically high they demand the bar for the other side, their general mistrust of anything or anyone that disagrees with them (a.k.a. conspiratorial thinking), their belief that a few Google searches trump years of experience and training. We believe this to be true based on our experience with them, yet we are aware that it is not an easy thing to prove. How can you prove what is going on in someone’s mind?

Which is why, whenever an anti-vaxer gives us solid evidence of their anti-scientific ways, I enjoy it immensely. Case in point, the Australian Anti-Vaccination I mean the Australian Vaccination Network  (Merly Dorey herself perhaps?), gives us this insight into their frame of mind.

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